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Collaboration with traditional crafts

TOPCollaboration with traditional crafts

Creation of a new guitar with carefully selected materials

Tsuji Shiro Guitar Studio has a history of learning from guitar repairs by leading manufacturers such as Martin and Gibson, and continuing trial and error. For this reason, some guitar decorations have been modeled after leading manufacturers.
Therefore, at our workshop, we focused on traditional crafts and materials from Toyama Prefecture, Japan, in order to further enhance the originality of the decoration. By collaborating with the technology cultivated by Tsuji Shiro Guitar Studio, we created our own guitar.

Japanese traditional craft decoration collaboration in Toyama

Toyama Prefecture is a region where the influence of the cultural policy of the Kaga domain during the Edo period remains strong. In particular, techniques such as Gokayama Japanese paper, lacquer ware, sculpture, inlaying, and Raden work have developed over a long history.

All of them are Japanese decoration techniques developed in Toyama over many years.
At our workshop, we used this technique to decorate guitars. By adding "Japanese" decoration to the "Western musical instrument" guitar, we have created an artistic design guitar.
The appeal of the guitar lies in the tone and beauty of the instrument. Tsuji Shiro Guitar is a supreme work with the best sound quality and historic decoration technology.

A new guitar using materials from Toyama prefecture

Guitars are mainly made from overseas tonewood. This is because it goes well with the guitar. However, in recent years, the number of tone woods used for overseas guitars has been declining, and the Washington Convention has imposed restrictions on the number of trees cut down.
As a result, the number of tone woods imported into Japan has decreased, and there are concerns about material shortages. Therefore, at our workshop, we have launched a project to convert wood from Toyama prefecture into tone wood, and we are continuing trial and error.
* As of 2021, it is not on sale because it is still in the development stage.

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