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Tsuji Shiro Guitar Studio also supports guitar repair.
We also support repairs of guitars manufactured by us, as well as manufacturers' products such as Gibson, Martin, Dr. Martens, and D'Angelico. Even if it is usually difficult to repair, we may be able to handle it.
Please contact us first.

1. Reception of consultation

Please tell us the general content of the guitar you want to repair by e-mail form or telephone.
We also ask you to send us a photo of the current state.
If it is not possible to respond at this point, we will inform you accordingly.

2. In-kind confirmation

We will check the actual guitar to be repaired. If it is difficult to bring it to the workshop, please send it after packing it carefully. * Customers are responsible for shipping costs.

In addition, if the actual product is confirmed and repair is not possible, the product will be returned as it is. In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience, but the shipping fee will be borne by the customer. (It will be returned by cash on delivery)

3. Estimate

If repairs are possible, we will check the condition and send you an estimate.

4. Repair work

After approving the quotation, we will start the repair work.
(It may take weeks to months)

5. Payment and delivery

We will inform you when the repair is completed. At that time, we will send you an invoice, so please pay the price.
After confirming payment, we will deliver the repaired product.
* Customers are responsible for the shipping charges.

Repair request form

Please fill in the required items in the order acceptance form below and send it.
* When sending from a smartphone, etc., please make settings so that you can receive the email address of @ tsuji-shiroh.com.

mail addressMandatory
phone numberMandatory
attached image

If you attach an image, you can make an estimate smoothly.

About the condition of the guitar

Please fill in details

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