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Cryptomeria series


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The Cryptomeria series is a new ukulele that combines traditional Japanese craft techniques with high-density compression molding technology of wood. The creation of healthy forests, the need for forest conservation, and the preservation of the natural environment have created a new value for thinned wood.
The Cryptomeria series is a new ukulele that combines traditional Japanese craft technology with high-density compression molding technology for wood The creation of healthy forests, the need for forest conservation, and the conservation of the natural environment have created new value for thinned .

[Design Points
1. A reforestation project that has created new value as a natural material to replace high-grade lumber by compressing and processing thinned cedar wood.
The body shape of the ukulele is designed to be easy to play for small hands, such as children.
3. A design with a "Japanese" feel, incorporating traditional craft techniques.

Why was the design created?
In the past, Japanese string instruments were often made based on famous overseas brand products, making it difficult to differentiate them from overseas products and expand sales channels. Many buyers have been asking for stringed instruments with "original designs that can only be made in Japan. While the design of stringed instruments had been established and perfected over a long period of time, we set up two new concepts for original design. The first is sustainable, "an instrument that is easy for anyone to play. The first is sustainable, "an instrument that is easy to play for everyone," which means that even small Japanese and children can enjoy playing it, and the body design should not affect the sound quality. The second is to incorporate Japanese traditional craft techniques into stringed instruments to introduce the taste of "Japanese" to the world. In terms of production, due to the trade restrictions imposed by the Washington Convention (2017.1), it is expected that high-density, high-quality Western woods such as mahogany and rosewood, which are used as materials for stringed instruments, will become difficult to obtain in Japan, and alternative materials are urgently needed.

[How the design was realized and its results
In the area of ukulele production, we developed compression materials with the Toyama Prefectural Wood Research Institute, conducted acoustic tests with Toyama Prefectural University, and collaborated with the Toyama Prefectural Design Center as a design advisor. The Toyama Prefectural Institute of Wood Research is researching and commercializing compression processing technology for cedar thinnings due to forest conservation issues. Sugi is a wood found only in Japan. Its scientific name is "Cryptomeria japonica" (meaning "hidden Japanese property"), and it is a wood indigenous to Japan. By using cedar, we aimed to create a product that expresses the unique characteristics of Japan. The top board of the Cryptomeria series is artificially created with beautiful grain patterns, such as wavy and tama-grained patterns, by further changing the pressure in the cedar compression process. In designing the shape of the instrument, which places importance on sound quality, we compared the sound quality with that of other string instruments at Toyama Prefectural University and confirmed the shape to create a shape that is easy to play.
Differences of the design from improvements, competition, and similar designs.
We pursued a body design that does not affect the sound quality and is easy for anyone to play, in contrast to the traditionally established and inherited ukulele shape. Normally, the decoration around the sound hole is made of soft materials such as shells, but the use of copper alloy with the technique of Takaoka copperware, a traditional craft, tightened the material and produced an unprecedented effect of deepening the sound quality. In terms of decoration, a logo mark was applied to the head part using mother-of-pearl inlay from the traditional Takaoka lacquer ware craft to create a sense of uniqueness and luxury.

■Product specifications

Model : S.Tsuji Cryptomeria Series Ukulele
       (Cryptomeria Series Ukulele)
Size: Soprano size
Length : 531mm
Overall: width: 188mm
Color: Natural lacquer coating - Wiped lacquer coating
Front board/Back board: High-density artificial grained compressed wood from Toyama cedar
Side board: Nara wood from Toyama Prefecture (with violin color coating)
Neck: Yamazakura wood from Toyama
Fingerboard: Toyama-grown pear wood
Nut: Cow bone
Head veneer: Traditional Takaoka lacquerware with mother-of-pearl inlay logo
Sound hole decoration: Takaoka copperware (Mokume-gane)

Price:150,000~330,000 Yen (tax included)
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