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S.Tsuji 335 Model


Product code:SA001

S. Tsuji Guitars is overwhelmingly famous for jazz guitar, but this 335 Model has become a hidden hit model in recent years. The body shape is the same as Gibson's ES-335, but the specifications are such that the top and back, which are the true value of Tsuji Shiro, are carved by hand, and the outer circumference is deeply carved and then arched, which is a beauty unique to Lucia guitars. there is. The top is Sitka spruce and the sides and back are  maple. There are almost no semi-acoustic machined single plates in the world, so it makes you feel the sound of another world. The center block is made of mahogany and has a thick and sweet sound. The lower part inside the body is made without blocks, and it has a structure that makes more live sound.
The binding is maple and has a luxurious feel unique to Lucia guitars.
Body color can also be ordered.
The tail piece can also be changed to a stop tail piece or a swing tail piece.

■Product specifications

Body size: 335 size
Top: Sitka spruce (cut out from a single plate)
Side & Back:  Maple (Carved Single Plate)
Neck: mahogany
Fingerboard: Ebony
Pickup: Lindy Fralin Pure PAF Gold
Color: Cherry Red / Nitro Cell Loose Lacquer
Nut width: 43mm
Scale: 628mm

Weight: 3.18kg

Price:825,000 Yen (tax included)
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