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S.Tsuji Guitars New Original ウクレレ


Since last year, we have collaborated with Toyama Prefectural Wood Research Institute, Toyama Prefectural General Design Center, Design Office, Toyama Prefectural University, and industry-academia-government collaboration to create soprano-sized original designs using artificial heathered cedar compression materials and Toyama Prefecture materials. Ukurere is completed. In addition, Toyama Prefecture's traditional craftsmanship (Takaoka lacquer ware, Raden work, Takaoka copperware heather gold) was decorated on the parts. All made in Toyama ukulele.
Top: Artificial heathered Sugi compression material
Back: Artificial heathered Sugi compression material
Side: Oak wood
Neck: Wild cherry tree
Fingerboard: pear wood
Head decoration: Raden work on Takaoka lacquer ware with the New "Tsuji" logo mark
Sound hole rosette: Mokume-gane of Takaoka copperware
Painting: Two types of lacquer painting and wiping lacquer
Trial video
In the future, we will continue to make improvements toward commercialization.

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